bắt mèo - 5 Reasons Why Halong Bay Should Be On Your Bucket List

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Halong Bay is probably the first destination to come in mind for many tourists when they plan for a vacation in Vietnam. Situated just 165 km or 4 hours of driving from Hanoi, Halong Bay possesses a unique seascape with thousands of limestone karsts, islets and islands rising from sparkling blue waters.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site has a legend behind it. Ha Long, in ancient Vietnamese language, literally means ‘descending dragons’, referring to the dragons that were sent down by the King of the Heaven Kingdom to help the ancient Vietnamese people defense against the Northern invaders. Thousands of islets and islands in the bay were believed to be the remains of the ancient defensive walls created from jewels and jades spat out by the dragons.
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The spectacular beauty of Halong has been preserved for thousands of years. Untouched scenery of jungle vegetation on top of islands and islets as well as many enormous grottos in the bay makes Halong one of the must-see tourist attractions in Vietnam. Here, visitors can enjoy cruising on the emerald waters to behold this majestic natural creation while having pleasant time with all the sublime services and facilities on board. Otherwise, one or two days with various beach activities and luxurious accommodation in premium resorts on islands like Cat Ba and Tuan Chau is also a common choice for many tourists.
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Unique Seascape

This is the most apparent reason for millions of tourists flocking to Halong Bay every year. Thousands of unspoiled islands, islets, karsts and caves of all shapes and sizes covering an area of 43,400 ha have earned Halong Bay the title the World’s New Wonder.

Excellent Boat Cruise Experience

Most of the wooden junk boats dotting the Bay are furnished with premium facilities and services. The most luxurious cruises offer spacious cabins with classy furniture, private Jacuzzi, spas and fancy restaurants. Although on board, passengers can enjoy various outdoor activities like morning taichi, kayaking, swimming and sunbathing.
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Ideal For Visit Year-round

While in summer months, Halong Bay is a tropical paradise with clear blue waters and white-sand beaches, winter brings a totally different perspective for travelers. Foggy and mildly cold weather adds to the ethereal scenery of the Bay, making boat-cruise a special experience.

"World Class" Natural Caves

Aside from cruising on the sparkling blue waters, visitors can venture into the deep, mysterious and fascinating caves on the islands. Some of the most famous caves in Halong Bay are Hang Trinh Nu, Hang Sung Sot, Hang Luon, and Dong Thien Cung.

A Sample of Local Life and Region's History

Aside from being a major tourist magnet, Halong Bay is also the settlement of many local fishermen’s families. Many tour features visits to well-known fishing villages such as Vung Vieng, Cua Van, Ba Hang, etc. Hare, the sight of children going to school on small bamboo boat rowed by their mother will become an enduring memory of Vietnam for all the foreigners.

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