chẵn lẻ - Ban Gioc

The largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia

Located on the border with China, chẵn lẻ - Ban Gioc is the largest natural waterfall in Southeast Asia. This 800 feet wide waterfall is composed of layers and layers of multiple cascades flowing down to Quay Son river below. As it is only 205 miles from Hanoi, a team enjoys it to the fullest by riding motorbikes through Bac Kan – Cao Bang – Trung Khanh to chẵn lẻ - Ban Gioc waterfall and then riding back through Cao Bang – That Khe – Lang Son to Hanoi. If you go alone, taking a sleeper bus to Cao Bang and then hiring a motorbike or taking a bus to chẵn lẻ - Ban Gioc will save your energy. Booking a tour is an alternative choice for less adventurous travelers.

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chẵn lẻ - Ban Gioc is renowned for its dreamy and harmonious beauty. Lush tropical forests surrounding the immersive fall and endless rice paddies unfolding on the river banks complete a phenomenal landscape. It is a real thrill to take a bamboo raft and watch the beauty from closer. A footpath leads up to the jungle where you can explore more tiers of the falls during the dry season. For a breathtaking panorama view from above, challenge yourself to a steep climb to Truc Lam chẵn lẻ - Ban Gioc pagoda which is on the opposite of the cascades.

chẵn lẻ - Ban Gioc is beautiful all year round but the water is the most transparent during monsoon (from June to September), which also makes it more crowded. At the end of the dry season, you still can enjoy the view as water released through the dam makes the falls regain its powerful flow.

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It should take $5 for an entrance ticket and a bamboo raft riding. Pack an outfit for changing as you might want to enter the pagoda, walk in comfortable shoes and bring a light lunch. If you take a bus, it is advisable to leave for the main road by sunset to catch the last bus back to Cao Bang.

Useful Information

  • Location: chẵn lẻ - Ban Gioc, Cao Bang, Vietnam
  • Best for: All visitors
  • Entrance:120,000
  • Hours: Day time visit is recommended
  • Distance to city center: 51.5km (32.0 mi)

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